Pray for Peace in Syria Tomorrow

syriaprayerOn October 31, Pope Francis will be saying a prayer for peace in Syria at 3 PM in Sweden. Caritas International is asking all to encourage prayer around the world at that time (9 AM ET) or at 3 PM local time–or any time that works.

Here are links to the prayer and the campaign website.

Here are other resources to help us understand the impact of the refugee crisis in human terms from Catholic Relief Services.

 amira Holy Family in Midst of Refugee Crisis

Watch the latest from the front lines of CRS’ response to the refugee crisis in Europe, and hear about a special family CRS teams met along the way.


 refugee-children Supporting Syrian Refugee Children Through Education

Since the start of the Syrian conflict 5 years ago, more than 4.2 million refugees have fled to the Middle East. More than half of them are children. In Jordan…


 greece Greece | Embracing Refugees In a Time of Crisis

In just the first few months of 2016, more than 150,000 refugees and economic migrants had already arrived on Greek shores. Throughout the Balkans, CRS and o…

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