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#TheDukePriest on What Young People Say About Jesus

ONE16 FR MIKE lowMAC is honored to welcome Fr. Mike Martin, OFM Conv, former president and principal of Baltimore’s very own Archbishop Curley High School and now director of the Newman Center at Duke University, as one of our featured mega-workshop speakers.

Fr. Mike is bringing his years of experience with interacting with young men and women in school environments to the topic of what they are saying to each other about Jesus.

In a world that favors the succinctness of a tweet or the uniformity of a #, what does the conversation sound like when young people discuss the Son of God?  Since our peers remain one of the most influential groups in our lives, let’s explore how millennials are being disciples and evangelizers to each other in an age that may need them more than ever.

What do the millenials in your family, among your friends and colleagues, in your parish or school — how do they approach the question of who Jesus, the Son of God, is? What questions do their conversations raise for you?